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Free Games of Skill

Itchy trigger finger? Relieve that itch with these fast-action shooting games!

Parking in style - Simply park your car without destroying it.
Dolphin Olympics - Fun 2 minute game
String Avoider - Lame name, great game. Guide the string to the end.
Defend Your Castle - Use your mouse to fling enemy stickmen to their doom. Addictive - excellent game
Dark Melt - Melt all the ice.Level Editor is fun.
Ball 5 - Stop your ball from hitting the walls and floors with the arrow keys. Frustratingly dificult after level 5!
Brain Force - Click the bubbles as fast as you can... don't let 'em burst.
Gyroball - Navigate the ball past slopes and corners of the maps, takes skill and concentration
Jet pack stan - Guide Stan through the levels without touching the ground or bashing the sides of the map. Difficult
Mouse 1.0 - Guide your cursor through the mazes. Good Fun.
Music Path - Hand-Eye Co-ordination game.
River Game - Strategy. Get the kids across the water without them fighting.
Papas pizza - Keep your restaurant alive for as long as possible. Bad ending :-(
Base jump - Your little ball base jumps for a living, takes skill to get it right
Fall Down - Guide the ball through the smalls holes in the ground. Make sure you don't hit the top!
Bubbles - Grow your bubble and avoid the spikes.
Rebound - Move different objects to allow the ball to pass through the levels, takes concentration and thinking ahead.
Dwarf on a Wharf - Throw the tiny men on the boat before it's too late!
The Classroom - You need to pass your exams...So cheat!
3D Tunnel - Guide your ship through the tunnel and don't hit the walls. Hard.
Jedi Trainer - Swing your lightsaber wildly around. Or you could try using some skill.
Ants - Are you the type that burned ants with a magnifying glass as a child?
AutoBahn - You're driving on the German motorway. Don't crash.
Ladybug Sumo - Direct your ladybugs so that they don't fall over the edge, and combine with each other.
Slow Motion - Guide your man along the path...don't let him fall off.
N Game - Jump your stickman and collect all icons before the final door opens. ADDICTIVE.
Sheepish - A great attempt at frogger
Canyon glider - Glide your way through the canyon trying to get the best score possible
Snake - Snake but not confined to a square box, new challenges and obstacles
Rigelian Hotshots - Guide your yellow orb down through different mazes and keep up with its speed, difficult.
Supreme Catcher - Catch the balls as they fall. Gets very hard at level 3
Lucky Ladybug - Guide your ladybug through the maze with as few clicks as possible
Breakout 360 - Just like breakout...But you must cover all 4 walls!
Bubble trouble - Use your ray to break bubbles and get the high score
Bug on a wire - Run along the wire without getting eaten by birds, levels get harder and more addictive
Marbles - Avoid the walls, collect the balls. Good game.
Soap Bubble - Make sure the bubble doesn't pop. This is hard.
Roll and flex - Spinoff of Super monkey ball
Kaboom! - Guide bombs across the screen.
Xraye - Use your peg to hop from point to point completing challenges and levels
Copter - Make sure your helicopter avoids the walls!
Busy-Burger - You run a Fastfood restaurant. Make sure the customer gets what they ordered.
Ufo joe - Much like space explorer, but with different levels
Four Second Fury - A series of 4 second mini-games.
W-One - Ever played Uni-Rally? Collect the barrels and stars.
Rocketman - You got a man, and he's got a jetpack. A game of skill and patience.
Four in a Row - Drop coloured balls to get 4 in a row
Combination Lock - Use the clues, pick the lock
Light 'em up - Memorise a sequence of flashing lights
Parking Perfection - So you think you know how to park a car?
Cubefield - Dodge the cubes
Chick Flick - Bouncing baby birds
1. Bammi
2. Ball 5
3. Tile Puzzles
4. 2 minute games
5. Spot the Difference
6. Empire Attack
7. Get to Z
8. Combination Lock
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