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Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Original Games

Your all time favorites…

1.Bammi - Exploding Pie game
2.Ball 5 - Stop your ball from hitting the walls and floors with the arrow keys. Frustratingly dificult after level 5!
3.Tile Puzzles - Sliding tile puzzle games
4.2 minute games - Collection of fun 2 minute games
5.Spot the Difference - Spot the differences between 2 pictures - Unlock bonuses and new features - fun!
6.Empire Attack - Multiplayer point and click territory game
7.Get to Z - Link game - try to get to "Z"
8.Combination Lock - Use the clues, pick the lock
9.Parking in style - Simply park your car without destroying it.
10.Click Click Click - An original clicking game. Help your country rank higher....
11.Brain Force - Click the bubbles as fast as you can... don't let 'em burst.
12.Dolphin Olympics - Fun 2 minute game
13.Orisinal Games - 50+! - by Ferry Halim - Over 50 original games
14.Damn Birds - Addictive statue shooing at birds game - progressive
15.Pingu Xtreme - Love it! (Penguin Extreme)
16.Four Second Fury - A series of 4 second mini-games.
17.Defend Your Castle - Use your mouse to fling enemy stickmen to their doom. Addictive - excellent game
18.Sniper - Funnily enough...it has nothing to do with snipers, perhaps bad translation? Shoot or be shot.
19.Sub Machine - You're trapped! Point and click to get out. This took us about 5 minutes
20.Bowman 2 - You are a bowman. Shoot the other bowman.
21.Lost Labyrinth - Graphical rogue-like adventure, English or German. (Download)
22.Solitaire - Cards for one
23.Unfolding - Rearrange the dots to make sure none of the lines cross. Great puzzle game
24.Colorsok - Position coloured squares.
25.String Avoider - Lame name, great game. Guide the string to the end.
26.Crazy Castle - Defend the castle. It's crazy.
27.Distraction Game - Shoot-em up with distractions!
28.Runescape - Massive multiplayer game with over 2 million members!
29.D-Fence - Defend your barricade. Save money for upgrades.
30.Dry Fire - Defend your base with a laser cannon. Gets quite hard at level 6
1. Bammi
2. Ball 5
3. Tile Puzzles
4. 2 minute games
5. Spot the Difference
6. Empire Attack
7. Get to Z
8. Combination Lock
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