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Free Puzzles

New and original game ideas

Word swapz - Anagram game - shuffle your tiles to spell words
Tile Puzzles - Sliding tile puzzle games
Bammi - Exploding Pie game
Get to Z - Link game - try to get to "Z"
Spot the Difference - Spot the differences between 2 pictures - Unlock bonuses and new features - fun!
Arrow Tag - Original mouse dexterity game
Sparks - Guide your sparks to the middle. Mark sure their path is safe.
Unfolding - Rearrange the dots to make sure none of the lines cross. Great puzzle game
Brain Force - Click the bubbles as fast as you can... don't let 'em burst.
Ball Elimination - Eliminate all balls but one. Nice little puzzle game.
Colorsok - Position coloured squares.
Telescope Game - Use your telescopes to guide the ball into the hole. We managed the first 15 levels!
Platform Maze - Tricky puzzle game. Good fun though!
Rotation - Rotate the faces into the correct combination.
Sonic Blox - It's tetris mixed with sonic.....what more do you want?
River Game - Strategy. Get the kids across the water without them fighting.
Rebound - Move different objects to allow the ball to pass through the levels, takes concentration and thinking ahead.
Marbles - Avoid the walls, collect the balls. Good game.
Exit-2 - Step along the squares and use well-timed jumps to avoid danger. Jugar means play.
Picross - Puzzle Game. Read the instuctions...
Cow marathon - Get the cows to the cup.
Plumber - Join the tap to the drain by rotating the pieces
Maze - Guide a robot out of a 3D maze
Samorost - Puzzle game with beautiful graphics
GetToZ - Follow the links from A to Z
Bath the Puppy - A cute variation on Hangman
Mastermind - Guess the combination of colours
Mancala Snails - Ancient African strategy game
Highway - Free the racing car from the car park
Free Whirl - Interesting falling-balls puzzle
1. Bammi
2. Ball 5
3. Tile Puzzles
4. 2 minute games
5. Spot the Difference
6. Empire Attack
7. Get to Z
8. Combination Lock
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