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Free Original Games

Multiuser games to play online - make new friends... or new enemies!

Bammi - Exploding Pie game
Orisinal Games - 50+! - by Ferry Halim - Over 50 original games
Click Click Click - An original clicking game. Help your country rank higher....
Dolphin Olympics - Fun 2 minute game
Get to Z - Link game - try to get to "Z"
Spot the Difference - Spot the differences between 2 pictures - Unlock bonuses and new features - fun!
String Avoider - Lame name, great game. Guide the string to the end.
Defend Your Castle - Use your mouse to fling enemy stickmen to their doom. Addictive - excellent game
Dark Melt - Melt all the ice.Level Editor is fun.
Arrow Tag - Original mouse dexterity game
Sparks - Guide your sparks to the middle. Mark sure their path is safe.
Sub Machine - You're trapped! Point and click to get out. This took us about 5 minutes
Telescope Game - Use your telescopes to guide the ball into the hole. We managed the first 15 levels!
Platform Maze - Tricky puzzle game. Good fun though!
Mouse 1.0 - Guide your cursor through the mazes. Good Fun.
Micro Life - Train your organisms and defend from nasty catchers!
Squirrel Escape - Well i'll be danged! You've got to make the squirrel escape.Good Game
Trampoline 2 - Brilliant game where you have a man on a trapoline and you are aloud to whatever you want, no skill needed
Snake Numbers - Pointless yet Addictive. But it's ok... Addiction is your friend... I think?
Music Path - Hand-Eye Co-ordination game.
Papas pizza - Keep your restaurant alive for as long as possible. Bad ending :-(
Base jump - Your little ball base jumps for a living, takes skill to get it right
Fall Down - Guide the ball through the smalls holes in the ground. Make sure you don't hit the top!
Bubbles - Grow your bubble and avoid the spikes.
El Emigrante - Run from the cops and make them hit each other.
Dwarf on a Wharf - Throw the tiny men on the boat before it's too late!
3D Tunnel - Guide your ship through the tunnel and don't hit the walls. Hard.
Zwill - Eat the cheese. EAT THE CHEESE!!!!! Cute platform game.
Jedi Trainer - Swing your lightsaber wildly around. Or you could try using some skill.
AutoBahn - You're driving on the German motorway. Don't crash.
Ladybug Sumo - Direct your ladybugs so that they don't fall over the edge, and combine with each other.
Slow Motion - Guide your man along the path...don't let him fall off.
Doom Runner - Asteroids...But Better. ADDICTIVE
N Game - Jump your stickman and collect all icons before the final door opens. ADDICTIVE.
Oh My Head - Shaves the kid's heads before they get too hairy.
God's Playing Field - A good stress reliever. Kill whatever moves.
Canyon glider - Glide your way through the canyon trying to get the best score possible
Adrenaline Challenge - Get your bike to the end by riding through a series of mazes
Drakonjan Skies Acolytes - 2d Shooter. Unique.
Squigly fish racer - Mash A and D against your opponent to complete the race
Supreme Catcher - Catch the balls as they fall. Gets very hard at level 3
Lucky Ladybug - Guide your ladybug through the maze with as few clicks as possible
Bubble trouble - Use your ray to break bubbles and get the high score
Linear Assault - Classic 2d Shooter.
Soap Bubble - Make sure the bubble doesn't pop. This is hard.
Pac Bug - You play a cockroach, eat your way across the table and don't get caught by the lizard.
Xraye - Use your peg to hop from point to point completing challenges and levels
Need for Madness - Use your imagination to get round the race track as fast as possible, brilliant fun
Flea world - Guide fleas through different mazes and make sure all of them complete the challanges
Exit-2 - Step along the squares and use well-timed jumps to avoid danger. Jugar means play.
Pizza Hot - Amazing flash animation with a really interesting and new storyline
Stuntman - A game that takes fast reactions and skill
Murloc RPG - Ever Played WoW? You are a murloc, Complete the quests and level up. Addictive.
Four Second Fury - A series of 4 second mini-games.
The Flying Piggybank - Collect the coins before the time runs out
Domino Pressure - Topple dominoes, squash tomatoes
Samorost - Puzzle game with beautiful graphics
GetToZ - Follow the links from A to Z
Combination Lock - Use the clues, pick the lock
Critical Impact - Help Heatblast and Ghostfreak destroy the meteors!
Kogent Knight - Battle baddies, solving puzzles along the way
Reach-The-Sky - How high can you pogo?
1. Bammi
2. Ball 5
3. Tile Puzzles
4. 2 minute games
5. Spot the Difference
6. Empire Attack
7. Get to Z
8. Combination Lock
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