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Tile Puzzles - Free

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Available for iPhone and iPod Touch
A huge collection of sliding block puzzles in a wide variety of styles, including the traditional '8-puzzle' and '15-puzzle', some tricky variants on these, wooden puzzles, picture puzzles, photo puzzles made from your own photos, and a collection of 100 train puzzles - each a little more challenging than the previous one!
Can you solve them all?
Medals are awarded according to the number of moves taken to solve a puzzle. How many gold medals can you win?
How to play
On starting the game, you are offered a choice between 'Challenge Puzzles' where you can win medals and score points for solving puzzles in as few moves as possible, or 'Photo Puzzles' where you can make unique tile puzzles from your own photos or pictures stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Challenge Puzzles
The challenge puzzles are divided into two sections - the first contains a series of more traditional puzzles and variations, while the second contains a set of 100 train puzzles. The puzzles in each section are sorted roughly in order of difficulty.
Selecting a puzzle that you have not tried before will take you to a screen which tells you what the objective is, and a target number of moves to aim for. Tapping this screen takes you to the puzzle itself, where you can slide tiles into empty spaces using your fingertips. If you solve the puzzle using this number of moves (or fewer) then you will be awarded a gold medal and 300 points. Otherwise, depending on how close you were to the target number of moves, you will be awarded a bronze medal and 100 points, or a silver medal and between 101 and 299 points. Note that it is sometimes possible to push one puzzle piece with another, allowing you to slide more than one tile per 'move' - this can be a valuable technique when you are 'going for gold.'
Game Center
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Photo Puzzles
In this section you can use any photos you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch to create your own tile puzzle with 8, 15 or 24 pieces.
Simply tap the 'choose' option to select your photo, and then decide what type of puzzle you would like to make. Why not challenge your friends to see how quickly they can unscramble your picture?
tile puzzles screenshot tile puzzles screenshot
tile puzzles screenshot tile puzzles screenshot
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