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Available for iPhone and iPod Touch
A unique and absorbing game of skill, featuring one hundred graded levels that will test your nerves and problem-solving abilities in equal measure. Roll the metallic balls around the play area, destroying objects to score points whilst avoiding obstacles and traps. Choose whether to go for speed or precision in order to achieve the maximum score.
Can you reach level 100?
Cups are awarded according to the number of points scored on each level. How many gold cups can you win?
Getting started
From the main menu screen, tap the triangular 'play' button to see the level selection screen.
Initially the first three levels are unlocked - later levels will be unlocked as you complete the previous levels. Choose a level to play by tapping any of the unlocked buttons.
Rolling a ball over background items will cause them to disappear, and earn you points. In addition there are various blocks of different shapes and colors that must be destroyed by rolling into them - on some levels a gentle knock will suffice, on others you have to hit the blocks a bit harder. When all background items and blocks have been destroyed, the level is complete and you may gain a time bonus if you have finished within the target time for that level. Depending on your final score, you will be awarded a tick for completing the level, or a bronze, silver or gold cup for higher scores.
The ground may be uneven, containing slopes, dips, ledges, pins, etc. which will affect how the balls roll.
At any point while playing you can simply tap the screen to pause the game, giving you a chance to return to the main menu, restart the level, or resume play when you are ready.
Special items
Some levels start off with one or more colored balls, and some levels feature a 'rainbow block' which will change the color of any colored ball that hits it. Scores are increased by a multiplier between x2 and x7 when items are destroyed using a ball colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet - you can use this to try to win more gold cups. Colored padlocks can only be destroyed using a ball of the same color as the lock. It is not always necessary to destroy all the locks, but doing so will gain you points, and you will usually need to destroy locks in order to reach other items beyond them.
Some levels feature 'black holes' which will swallow balls, others feature 'teleports' that cause the ball to reappear somewhere else on the screen. And some have triggers that can be rolled over to activate certain events, such as opening doors or causing objects to appear or disappear.
Free Passes
Certain levels are shown with a gold frame in the level selection menu. Completing one of these levels will earn you a 'free pass', which permits you to skip a level if you are finding it particularly troublesome. To use a free pass, pause the level and tap the small 'free pass' button in the corner of the window that pops up. If you have no passes left then this button will not be present. If you cannot use a pass on this level (because it is already completed) then the button will be shown in gray.
Tapping the 'gears' button will show the settings screen where you can switch game sounds and music on or off. Here you can also calibrate the accelerometer (tilt sensor) - tap the yellow 'spirit level' button and follow the on-screen instructions.
From the main menu you can tap the graph button to see your progress in the game - your score, how many cups you have won, etc. Tapping the 'i' button shows some information about the game, and shows a button which allows you to reset all your scores and game progress.
rollover screenshot rollover screenshot
rollover screenshot rollover screenshot
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