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Our Favorite Original Games

Our Favorite original games. We like these free online video games so much that we have created this page especially for them. The place to come for free games online.
The best original online games in the entire universe - in our opinion!

2 minute games - Collection of fun 2 minute games
Empire Attack - Multiplayer point and click territory game
Bammi - Exploding Pie game
Pingu Xtreme - Love it! (Penguin Extreme)
Click Click Click - An original clicking game. Help your country rank higher....
Get to Z - Link game - try to get to "Z"
Spot the Difference - Spot the differences between 2 pictures - Unlock bonuses and new features - fun!
String Avoider - Lame name, great game. Guide the string to the end.
Defend Your Castle - Use your mouse to fling enemy stickmen to their doom. Addictive - excellent game
Sub Machine - You're trapped! Point and click to get out. This took us about 5 minutes
Telescope Game - Use your telescopes to guide the ball into the hole. We managed the first 15 levels!
Platform Maze - Tricky puzzle game. Good fun though!
Micro Life - Train your organisms and defend from nasty catchers!
Squirrel Escape - Well i'll be danged! You've got to make the squirrel escape.Good Game
War Bears - You play a crack team of bears, and you must raid the buildings of the warbears. Good game
Snake Numbers - Pointless yet Addictive. But it's ok... Addiction is your friend... I think?
Fall Down - Guide the ball through the smalls holes in the ground. Make sure you don't hit the top!
Metal slug 3 - My favourite arcade game ever, brilliantly re-mastered as an online game
Castle Cat - If you ever see a cat like this one, steal it. It will make you a lot of money.
Ants - Are you the type that burned ants with a magnifying glass as a child?
Doom Runner - Asteroids...But Better. ADDICTIVE
N Game - Jump your stickman and collect all icons before the final door opens. ADDICTIVE.
Breakout 360 - Just like breakout...But you must cover all 4 walls!
Marbles - Avoid the walls, collect the balls. Good game.
Curveball - 3D Pong, VS AI.
Picross - Puzzle Game. Read the instuctions...
Murloc RPG - Ever Played WoW? You are a murloc, Complete the quests and level up. Addictive.
Four Second Fury - A series of 4 second mini-games.
Rage - Stickman ninja. Build up rage and blast enemies.
Table Footy - Table football
Cow marathon - Get the cows to the cup.
Samorost - Puzzle game with beautiful graphics
Combination Lock - Use the clues, pick the lock
1. Bammi
2. Ball 5
3. Tile Puzzles
4. 2 minute games
5. Spot the Difference
6. Empire Attack
7. Get to Z
8. Combination Lock
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