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Six of the most original and stimulating games available on the internet, for free.
Spot the DifferenceEmpire Attack
Tile PuzzlesClickClickClick
GetToZCombination Lock
Spot the Difference
Hugely popular site with over 70 different 'Spot The Difference' games and puzzles. Rewards and bonuses unlock extra games and game types as you progress. How many colours to the black level? Can you complete the black level? Then after that...?
Empire Attack
Mulitplayer point and click territory game. Grow your empire, defend your city, attack and capture your enemies. Chat, attack, cross terrain, cut enemy supply lines, find lost cities - a huge territory game and free!
Tile Puzzles
Tile puzzles - wooden blocks, traditional sliding tiles, toy train shuffling, and bug catching! A original collection of over 40 different scrambled tile puzzles including picture tiles of varying sizes. Including the famous 15 puzzle game.Tile games from easy to nearly impossible for you to unscramble. Win medals in the Tile Championships and appear in the Hi score tables.
The world's most popular Click game - Click for your country and watch it rise in the World Rankings. Each game lasts for just a few days. The top 40 countries are awarded points according to their ranking. A huge phenomenon from a simple original idea that has even appeared on TV in several countries. Click to see how high YOUR country is in the World rankings...
Can you get from A to Z? Simple to play, but hard to master. This original game presents you with the letters of the alphabet as links. Click on the letters to progress up the alphabet from A towards Z, as far as you can. It is simple to start, but you will need cunning and skill to link from A to Z. Neat!
Combination Lock
CombinationLock.com is an original free number puzzle game in which you use the clues to work out the combination to a padlock. The answers and the clues to the number puzzle are computer generated and completely random (the only exception being the home page puzzle which is fixed). Solo Play games unlock as you complete each one. See your best times displayed in the Hi Scores area. Compete with friends on the same puzzle using the Multiplayer mode.
Original iPhone Games
NEW GAME! rollover
100 levels of multiball tilt action!

Guide the balls to destroy obstacles, zoom past danger, solve puzzles, and rack up as many points as you can.
Rollover is a kinetically engaging game that tasks players with tilting their mobile device to guide multiple balls at once around diverse game-fields with a colorful array of bonus items, obstacles, and traps.
rollover screenshot
The game comprises one hundred progressively more challenging levels with unique special items peppered into each level to ensure gameplay stays fun and fresh.
Game Features:
  • 100 Uniquely diverse & challenging levels.
  • Obstacles to smash, puzzles to solve.
  • Terrain includes ramps, ridges, dips and tunnels.
  • Accelerometer (Tilt-sensor) controlled gameplay.
  • Intuitive user interface and player controls.
  • Original in-game music, or play your own tracks.
  • High-Score leaderboards using Apple's Game Center.
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Plus... tile puzzles
Tile Puzzles
The ultimate sliding tile challenge!

A collection of sliding block puzzles in a wide variety of styles, including the traditional '8-puzzle' and '15-puzzle', some tricky variants on these, wooden puzzles, picture puzzles, photo puzzles made from your own photos, and a collection of 100 train puzzles - each a little more challenging than the previous one!
Can you solve them all?
Medals are awarded according to the number of moves taken to solve a puzzle. How many gold medals can you win?
tile puzzles screenshot
Play in Challenge Mode, to win medals and score points by solving puzzles in as few moves as possible. Or play in Photo Mode and solve puzzles created using your own photos or pictures stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Game Features:
  • Traditional sliding tile puzzles, with fascinating variants.
  • 100 progressive train puzzles.
  • Puzzles made from your own photos.
  • Realistic movement - use one tile to push another.
  • Collect points and medals to measure your progress.
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